Work Package 5: Scale up

WP 5, led by TU/e, investigates possibilities and obstacles for scaling up smart grids in India. By bringing together all insights gained throughout this project, this WP is both synthesizing and forward-looking.

Input received from the valorization panel throughout the project and empirical findings gained in the different WPs offer a rich and meaningful source not only for reflecting on lessons learnt but also on what this means for scaling up smart grids.

In identifying opportunities for and roadblocks to upscaling, we will also draw on insights from the transitions studies literature, especially when it comes to evaluating the niche, regime- and landscape dynamics that matter in sustainable energy transitions (Schot and Geels 2008; Markard et al. 2012; Verbong and Loorbach 2012). Studying smart grid potential in India on the micro and the macro level is in line with transition studies thinking that has shown the value of including both the local as well as broader societal levels to understand socio-technical change and transitions (Geels & Schot, 2007).

These insights will be synthesized in a final report that flags opportunities and roadblocks on the way ahead when developing, implementing and upscaling smart grids in India. To ensure societal relevance and use this will be done in close consultation with the valorization panelists. With their access to various societal domains, valorization panelistswill help in distributing the results widely. Given the topicality and societal relevance of the research it can be assumed that its findings will be of relevance well beyond the Indian context.

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