Work Package 1: Developing a Smart Grid

WP1 is led by the company Power Research Electronics (PRE). PRE specializes in the design and manufacture of innovative power electronics in the domains of renewable energy, LED lighting, electronic mobility, and industrial applications. Work within this WP concentrates on developing an industrial smart grid prototype that is tested in the field.

The envisioned end product is a modular highly efficient smart grid multi-port power
converter. The power section is able to integrate a solar system, an energy storage, and a grid connection. On top an intelligent IT platform layer is placed to monitor and control the energy flow(s) by means of a user interface, pre-programmed algorithms and external communication systems. The modular power stage approach and the software based control platform enable rapid prototyping and adaptation after the pilot phase. The basis power stage elements of the proposed energy platform already exist in synergy with running projects in the electronic mobility sector (EVPV Grid-project, tkiswitch2smartgrids).

These power stages integrated in a first prototype will be further developed as the project unfolds, using input from WPs 2, 3 and 4. The hardware platform will be designed in the pilot phase suitable for production and first field tests in India. The field tests are carried out by the project partner Rural Spark and will be supported by PRE. Thereafter the IT platform layer can be developed further in the field by means of software updates via the available communication channels.